Iraq: Insecurity and Violence Against Women

This collection aims to raise awareness about some of the realities facing women in Iraq. The collection focuses more specifically on how current events in Iraq have uniquely impacted Iraqi women and have engendered various forms of violence against women.

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VAWnet Summary:

Iraq: Insecurity and Violence Against Women (March 2008) by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence for VAWnet, the National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

This Special Collection of resources focuses on how current events in Iraq have uniquely impacted Iraqi women. Unfortunately, much of the literature suggests that continued insecurity and instability, exacerbated by a growing humanitarian crisis, has left many Iraqi women with great uncertainty about their future.

This collection’s basic aim is to inform readers about some of the dimensions and realities that face women in Iraq, recognizing that women’s lives are far more complex, rich, and diverse than can ever be captured in an online collection. This collection also recognizes that Iraqi women are not a homogenous group, and that not all voices are woven into this collection equitably.

The included resources illustrate that Iraqi women, like women everywhere, do not always have a "choice" about their fate. Much of the time "women’s reality" is guided and influenced by political, social, and economic powers and will. And although the current situation does not bode well for many women in Iraq, we acknowledge that Iraqi women have, and will continue to demonstrate and embody agency, solidarity, resistance, and survival.