Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence

"This packet provides an introduction to the complex and varied issues around children's exposure to intimate partner violence. It includes articles, research findings, statistics and resources pulled from work done between 1990-2002."

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Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) (March 2002)

This information packet begins with an overview that describes the history and context of children's exposure to domestic violence as an issue within the battered women's movement and draws attention to the language, including a statement regarding gender language and cultural diversity. This packet has a strong focus on discussion of key issues associated with children's exposure to intimate partner violence, and includes a fact sheet, statistics, and extensive resource lists including a fully-annotated bibliography.

Material within the packet has been organized into categories according to content. Following the overview, the Key Issues section begins by examining the Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Children and Co-occurence of Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse. Parenting Practices of victims and abusers are discussed, as are Collaborations between Domestic Violence and Child Protection Agencies. That section ends with information regarding Intervention with Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence. The Key Issues are followed by a fact sheet, statistics, and a bibliography. Three resource lists are provided: web site resource list, video resource list, and direct service tools resource list.

The web site resource list covers sites for children, on intimate partner violence and children, and on the general welfare of children. The video resource list describes videos for use with children and with adult audiences. The direct service tools resource list includes curricula, games, handbooks, manuals and workbooks.

The packet's fact sheet highlights issues of incidence, effects, and intervention associated with children's exposure to domestic violence. The statistics are divided into five categories: prevalance of children's exposure, effects of exposure on children and youth, gender specific effects, traumatic response, and protective factors.

* Update: 2004 Addendum to Statistics and Fact Sheets

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